How do the packs work?
The packs are purchased ahead of time. After a walk is used, it automatically gets deducted from your account. You will have the option of renewing the pack once you’re balance is completed.

When are you available to walk my dog?
You can contact us via email or phone or the contact form to make a weekly, daily, or other appointment.

Who will be walking my dog?
We have fully trained, caring, and trustworthy staff who will be walking your dog. Because consistency for your dog is so important, your dog will be cared for by the same walker.

Can I meet you first?
Yes! It is important that you and your dog feel comfortable with us and your dog walker. Our top priority is building trust. We want you to feel safe and comfortable. The first consultation is always free.

Do you give them treats?
Only with the owner’s consent. We make sure the dog doesn’t have any allergies.

Are you insured?
Yes! We are bonded and insured.  

Are tips required?
No! All services are included in the pricing. Tips are appreciated but never required.

How do I pay for your services?
We accept cash, checks, and online payments through Zellepay or Venmo.