What people are saying…

David S.

"Chris is my go-to person when I need my dog, Cooper, to be taken care of—whether it be for a weekend while I'm away or for a brief walk in middle of the day. Chris handled himself very well every time I saw him interact with Cooper. He never responded to Cooper's behavior by matching his emotional state. If you need someone to care for your dog, regardless of the type of need, I definitely recommend Chris."

Mike L.

"Having used Chris several times a week for almost a year, I can say he is a very trustworthy person. Chris consistently went above and beyond what he was asked to do. I only wish I could find someone as good in Brooklyn!"

Sunny S.

"Chris is very understanding of the needs of our elderly dog (he has to walk slowly, has trouble with stairs, and hates the rain for starters) and made it easy for us to trust him. Chris also goes out of his way to make sure our dog is settled in after each walk. We have been through many dog walkers and, although they have been good, hiring Chris to be our regular walker has been the decision we are most comfortable with."